Moving The McGillivrays

2 x 30  |  McGillivray Group  |  Corus Entertainment (HGTV)  |  Nov. 2016
Prod. Derek Miller, Angela Jennings, & Scott McGillivray

In every episode of Moving the McGillivrays, viewers will get a glimpse into Scott and Sabrina’s busy family life, see how they balance working full-time,
taking care of their two daughters, while being part of every decision and build detail on their new dream  home.

Donut Showdown - season 1

2 x 30  |  Architect Films  |  Shaw Media (Food Network)  |  Mar. 2013
Prod. Blair Harley & Michelle Mama

Working with strange ingredients and difficult challenges, the donut masters create amazingly beautiful and delicious
donuts under tremendous time-pressure… with host Daryn Jones constantly reminding them that time is running out.

Disaster Decks - seasons 1 & 2

15 x 30  |  Architect Films  |  Shaw Media (HGTV)  |  Sep. 2013
Prod. Bree Tiffin  |  DIR. Stephen Milne

Most guys think they know how to build a deck. They’re wrong. That’s why Paul Lafrance and his awesome
crew are here to save the day on HGTV’s entertaining construction program, Disaster Decks.

Decked Out - seasons 2 & 3

2 x 30  |  Architect Films  |  Shaw Media (HGTV)  |  Jun. 2013
Prod. Mike Sheerin & Bree Tiffin   |   DIR. Stephen Milne

Decked Out is an outdoor construction show that follows charismatic designer/carpenter Paul Lafrance
through the process of creating backyard decks with a “creative edge” for his roster of clients.

Deck Wars - seasonS 1 & 2

2 x 60  |  Architect Films  |  Shaw Media (HGTV)  |  Jan. 2012
Prod. Mike Sheerin & Stephen Milne   |   DIR. Stephen Milne, Naela Choudhary, & Mike Sheerin.

Deck Wars, the toughest building competition on television,
makes two teams face-off in a battle to build the ultimate deck.

Sarah’s House - season 1

6 x 30  |  Primevista  |  Alliance Atlantis (HGTV)  |  Jan. 2012
Prod. Michael Prini  |  DIR. Andrea Griffith

Sarah faces down the dirt, dust, disaster and reality of home renovation to its delicious end result.