Equator 360

12 x 60  |  Primitive Entertainment  |  Arte/ZDF, Discovery Channel, NHK  |  Fall 2018
Prod. Kevin McMahon, Michael McMahon, & Kristina McLaughlin  |  DIR. Kevin McMahon

A 12-hour series around the planet, following the virtual line that binds all humans, animals, and environments on Earth. 


10 x 3  |  FOUR CORNERS Productions  |  CBC  |  JUNE 2017
Prod. Jenn Mason  |  DIR. Gabrielle Zilkha

A series of short documentary portraits of 10 LGBTQ+ artists or supporters of the arts. Focusing on how their queer identity informed their artistic practice, while also exploring how their artistic practice has impacted their LGBTQ+ identity.

The World Without Canada

2 x 60  |  Cream Productions  |  Global, History Television  |  May 2017
Prod. Kim Creelman  |  DIR. Brian Rice  |  Story EditorS Kalin Moon & Matthew Booi

The series speculates on the global impact of a world without Canada and the catastrophic consequences that would unfold. 

Doing Jewish: A Story of Ghana

1 x 90 & 1 x 60  |  Four Corners of the Earth Productions  |  Zoomermedia VisionTV  |  Apr. 2016
Prod. Jeannette Loakman, Jenn Mason  |  DIR. Gabrielle Zilkha

A tiny community in rural Ghana recently discovered that the religion they have been practicing for centuries is Judaism. 

The Polar Sea

5 x 60 and 1 x 90  |  Primitive Entertainment  |  Arte/ZDF, TVO & The Knowledge Network  |  Nov. 2014
Prod. Kevin McMahon, Michael McMahon, & Kristina McLaughlin  |  DIR. Kevin McMahon

A journey with amateur sailors, scientists, hunters, and artists from through the fabled, beautiful, and melting Northwest Passage.

Canadian Made

2 x 30  |  Primitive Entertainment  |  History Television  |  Nov. 2011
Prod. Kevin McMahon, Michael McMahon & Kristina McLaughlin  |  DIR. Jody Shapiro  &  Sean Wainsteim

A series about Canada’s tradition of invention, innovation and discovery – astonishing in its range and genius.

ChubBY Chaser

1 x 60  |  Chaser Films  |  TVOntario  |  Oct. 2011
Prod. Jeannette Loakman  |  DIR. Jeff Sterne

Chub Chaser is a one hour documentary film that questions North America’s perception of feminine beauty.

It’s a charismatic story about sexual identity told  a man who is in love with the voluptuous female figure.

Apocalypse 2012

1 x 60  |  Banks Productions  |  CBC & Beyond Distribution  |  Sep. 2010
Prod. & DIR. Cynthia Banks

This looming doomsday deadline is pushing people around the globe to protect themselves from what they believe is coming.

Meeting with survival groups, this documentary examines why they believe in it and what they get out of this?

The Naked Archaeologist

2 x 30  |  Associated Producers  |  History International & VisionTV  |  Feb. 2010
Prod. SiMcha Jacobovici  |  DIR. Kim Harris & Chris Behnisch

From Rome to Istanbul, from Petra to Jerusalem, from bustling marketplaces to ancient fishing villages on the Sea of Galilee,

multi-award winning filmmaker SiMcha Jacobovici travels far and wide to bring viewers face-to-face with living history.

Living Downstream

Feature  |  The PPC Inc.  |  Cinephil Distribution & First Run Features  |  Dec. 2009
Prod. Chanda Chevannes & Nathan Shields  |  DIR. Chanda Chevannes

Living Downstream is a cinematic feature-length documentary based on the

acclaimed book ecologist and cancer survivor Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D.

The Four Seasons of Isadore Sharp

1 x 60  |  90th Parallel Productions  |  Rogers Media (Citytv)  |  Sep. 2009
Prod. Gordon Henderson  |  DIR. Gordon Henderson & Eleisha McNeill

Part business story, part biography: the story of Isadore Sharp, founder of the Four Seasons Hotel empire.

That of God

1 x 60  |  The People’s Picture Company, Inc.  |  Jan. 2008
Prod. Chanda Chevannes & Nathan Shields  |  DIR. Chanda Chevannes

Explores the Quaker principle of “that of God in everyone” through the spiritual journey of one Canadian Quaker, Jane Orion Smith.